What Is KnowledgeTAP?
KnowledgeTAP is an exclusive members-only* content marketing program, designed specifically for print organizations seeking unique marketing methods and engagement between their organization and their target audience.

What is Content Marketing?
It is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruptive marketing. It brings value through content that is educational, informative, entertaining, and relevant to your audience and is developed in the spirit of giving of knowledge, expertise, ideas, and solutions.

How will this Help my Sales Team and Marketing?
It will absolutely increase your marketing effectiveness, drive website traffic, and guarantee your sales team content they can leverage in their sales process and conversations. It will provide your marketing department with content for social media, website SEO, and will become a major client and prospect engagement opportunity both online and offline, on a preplanned quarterly schedule.

Why Is This Program Unique?
Simple. It was developed by a former multi-million-dollar print sales rep and marketing expert, whose entire career has been inside the print and graphic communications industry serving as SVP Sales and Chief Marketing Officer of their family-owned $54M print company.

How Does it Work?
The CMO Team develops strategic marketing, messaging, and calls-to-action in the formats described in the “Deliverables” section. We package the files and deliver them to our clients approx 3 weeks prior the start of each calendar quarter. Each product is branded to you when it arrives, and comes with a suggested calendar of deployment and delivery. Each client produces and delivers the print and digital components under their brand.

*Availability is limited within geographic markets, protecting your investment and exclusivity.


Publication: The cornerstone of the program is our award-winning 16-page + cover quarterly publication. We work with each K-TAP client to develop customized branding for their publication. The target audience for the publication is marketing, communication, and print-buying professionals, creatives and graphic designers.

Digital Resource: We design a digital resource that coordinates with a topic within the publication, and deliver the files to you for you to host on your website, giving you new, dynamic content each quarter. Custom URL’s and calls-to-action within the printed publication drive readers to these digital resources. They include infographics, slidehare(TM) presentations, and more.

Giveaway: Each quarter, we choose a specific educational giveaway that we know will resonate with your audience. It ties back to the publication so as to keep the “themed” feel. An invitation to register for the giveaway is placed in two locations within the publication, and coordinated artwork is provided to you to build your registration page on your website. This is a great inbound marketing tactic drawing traffic to your website.

Eblasts: We provide you with design files for multiple eblasts announcing the upcoming publication, invitations to register for your giveaway, and promoting the digital resources.

Calendar: We make it easy! By providing you with a calendar of suggested delivery dates for all of the above resources and marketing pieces, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the “who, what, when, and how“ of executing a flawless delivery each quarter.

What else would we say if we were talking to you right now?
We were printers first! We know first-hand the buyer persona of the audience you are selling to, their needs, and what will engage them. Every product developed for our program has been vetted by our team of designers, copywriters and advisors, and is designed specifically with the end recipient in mind.

We’d love to tell you more about the KnowledgeTAP program and send you samples of our publication. Please fill out the CONTACT form below and we’ll give you a call.