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November 5th, 2014

Email marketing can be a tricky platform to master. When you look at your overall email marketing campaign, you may be asking yourself:

Are we sending enough?
Are we sending too much?
Are we sharing the right message and content?

Email marketing can help establish a good foundation for your inbound marketing efforts. Before we explore how else we can capitalize on email marketing as part of your your marketing program, let’s first take a look at the 7 elements that make email marketing a valuable marketing resource.

  1. Permission marketing. Email remains one of the channels permanently linked to “permission marketing”. Permission marketing is the concept that brands should ask permission before sending customers or prospects marketing messaging. Once you have the customer’s permission, you can begin creating targeted messaging.
  2. Subscriber Acquisition. Building and validating is the foundation of a successful campaign. In the below chart from a marketing survey of 395 respondents performed by ExactTarget, A Salesforce Company, we look at the top methods marketers are using to acquire email addresses from their customers and the reported success rates of these acquisition techniques. Consider adding some new acquisition methods in your marketing efforts to boost your acquisition rate.

Acquisition Rates

Some of the most popular acquisition techniques that have high effectiveness ratings are:

  • Require email to create an account on website
    (57% use, 70% rate effective)
  • Registration with incentive on website
    (50% use, 63% rate effective)
  • Drive online loyalty program registration requiring email address
    (35% use, 58% rate effective)
  • Promote content via social media that requires email registration to access
    (39% use, 59% rate effective)
  1. Optimize for Mobile. Make sure that your emails and forms are easy to use on mobile devices. According to research, 63% of customers and prospects delete emails that are not easily read or accessible through their mobile device. Make sure that your audience can easily interact with you on the go, it’s important to creating a great mobile experience in order to keep your customers and prospects engaging with your brand.
  2. Share Relevant Information. Separate your list for targeted email marketing. You can divide your current prospects and customers into groups segmented by business type, gender, etc., to create more targeted messaging relevant to their specific needs. In addition to targeted messaging, make sure that you share different information in emails than the information you share across social platforms. Although the end goal might be the same, don’t copy and paste the same message from one platform to another.
  3. Personalize your messaging. For the customers and prospects who are engaging with your brand online through your website and social media outlets, a personalized touch to your emails can increase sales rates between 15-25%, and increase click through rates by 25-35%.
  4. Cross Channel Accessibility. The ability for customers to save and access emails later has a great influence on a consumers channel preference. Many may access the email initially through a mobile device, but engage with the email later when they have access to a computer. It’s email marketing’s ability to bridge the between smartphone, tablet and PC that makes it so valuable.
  5. Capitalize on the Email Share. Make sure to build in share options in your communications. More often than not, an email forward or email share with a friend will yield better results and better ROI than a share on a broadcast social network like Facebook or Twitter. Since email is more a personalized medium, an email share is an endorsement of your brand on a more personal level.

Now that we’ve completed a quick review of some of the key elements of email marketing, let’s dive into how we think email marketing can boost the impact of your publication.

As part of the KnowledgeTAP Marketing program, we incorporate 2-3 email marketing graphics designed to feature key components of your quarterly program. These eblasts are designed to peek the interest of the latest issue of your publication, but you shouldn’t stop there.

Here are some


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